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27 August 2011 @ 10:40 am
Well, it's been a while. I wrote this a while ago as a sequel/companion piece, after an interesting discussion with right here at QTC about Promise. But  just get so busy, yeah?

Title: Waiting
Fandom:Final Fantasy X-2
Pairing(s): GippalxRikku
Rating: PG
Warnings:The only reason it's not rated G is that I doubt kids will understand the themes in this. But there's no swearing or sex or anything, so I guess I should write 'none' here.
After the Pilgrimage, Rikku is finally free to find Gippal, her childhood love. But their journey has left her with scars she hasn't even realised,
scars she doesn't know will heal, no matter how long she waits...

Important Author's Note: As this is a sequel/companion piece, I HIGHLY recommend reading the Promise first. But that's just me


Feel free to leave constructive crit.