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30 March 2010 @ 04:08 pm
Your Friendly Neighboorhood Guide to Quite The Couple and LJ  
Welcome to Quite The Couple! If you're new to LiveJournal, it is not the easiest system to figure out and so, the help you out, I've compiled a list of questions and answers about the community itself and LiveJournal in general. I hope it gives the answers you need.

What is Quite the Couple?

Quite the Couple is a LiveJournal community dedicated to the discussion, activities and posting of fan works such as fiction, art, or videos about the characters Rikku and Gippal. They don’t have to be a couple, but we prefer it. Quite the Couple is what is known in fandom terms as a ‘shipping community. Shipping is when fans view two characters as having a relationship, most often romantic.

Who are Rikku and Gippal?

Rikku and Gippal are two Al Bhed characters from the game Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. Apparently, they have some sort of history (though it’s not revealed what). And given some of their interactions in the game, many fans like to think that they were or will be romantically involved in that ‘their like brother and sister,’ ‘will they, won’t they,’ ‘we’re just friends, really,’ ‘slap, slap, shut up and kiss me,’ sort of way. That and they are both very pretty.

What is a LiveJournal Community? I mean, what goes on here?

A community is LiveJournal’s version of a forum. A community is a place where multiple users can start multiple conversations in a general topic, in contrast to a journal where only one user can start a conversation. Think of communities like as general topic boards (like RP Board or Comic Discussion Board or Game Help Board) and journals are like blogs. Instead of topic threads, LiveJournal communities uses entries or ‘posts’ to start the conversation and underneath them for the thread they use ‘comments’ and every comment can be replied to start multiple conversation comment ‘threads’ at once.

As for Quite the Couple specifically, users post fan works such as stories, art, and video. There are polls, activities, challenges and discussions. It’s a place for people who like or love the characters of Rikku and Gippal to share that like and love with others.

That’s cool, are there any rules?

There are two.

Be respectful to other members of the community and to the community itself. Personal insults and flaming will result in an instant ban. Whether or not we are adults in the legal sense, here we can all agree that we may disagree. Being respectful to the community means we ask that if you take on a challenge to try and fulfill it on time. If you can’t fulfill the challenge on time, we’d like that you try and contact the moderator to tell them so they know when to expect the story. Being respectful to the community also means posting in an informal, yet semi professional way. Post like you are with a bunch of friends who love you and post like you are proud of yourself and your work because you should be.

Stay on topic. Please, try to keep the conversation relevant to Rikku and/or Gippal This isn’t a community about Final Fantasy in general or the random topic that jumps into your head. For instance, if you want to discuss how Rikku compares to other Final Fantasy females or narrow it down, to female final fantasy characters of the thief class. That’s fine. However, if you want to discuss the awesome new thief character in you’ve just made in Final Fantasy XI online, it’s not. (Unless you modeled them on Rikku and are showing us so.)

How do I become member of the community?

To become a member of the community you need to join it. To join Quite the Couple, you may go to the user info and in the upper right hand corner of the profile there is a list of commands.

The top says join, if follow that link, you will join the community as a member and be able to post in the community. It will also show up on your friends list.


Underneath that command is another command named watch. If you select Watch, you will be able to see the public posts of the community on your friends list. You will not be able to post in the community because you are not a member.


What can I do as a member of the community?

Just about anything really. You can post a fan work, which is the most common way to participate. You can create a poll, start a discussion or do an activity. You can request a story, create a challenge, or recommend a fan work that you have already read. You can ask for inspiration or help with the game. You can point us to an interesting Rikku or Gippal related website. You can participate in anyone else’s discussion, activity, challenge or poll. You can comment to another member’s fan work or to a third member’s comment to the first member’s fan work. And you can through word of mouth invite other people to join or watch the community.

Is there anything I can’t do?

Well, yes, for instance, you can’t change the layout of the community, ban or unban users, use the official invite members to the community LiveJournal function, update the Quite The Couple memory archive or make another member’s invisible comment (which you can’t see) visible. To be able to do these things, you’d have to be a maintainer.

What is a maintainer?

A maintainer is the person who ‘maintains’ the community. Generally, they are the person who created it and often they run it. Often, there is more than one person as a maintainer, each doing a different job. The current maintainer is prettygothgirl.

What do you do as a maintainer?

As the maintainer, I do activities, run challenges, and some times start discussions. I also do Best of Rikku/Gippal. I keep the memory archive up to date and tag posts that aren’t. I can delete posts, ban users and change the layout.

What can’t you do?

What I can’t do is edit posts. If you make a mistake in your post, I can point out to you what you did wrong, but I cannot fix it myself. Thus, the content of your posts is safe from me. I also can’t build this community by myself. To be a community means there has to be give and take among the members. And give and take means that members need to participate and interact with each other. That’s something that takes more than just me.

I want to help, is there any way I can help out?

The best way you can help out is by participating in the community, putting the title or appropriate information in your subject bar and tagging your posts. Another great way to help out is to tell other people who love Rikku and Gippal about the community. If you have a suggestion or want to make a request or are even thinking about becoming a maintainer yourself, please contact me.

I see a lot of challenges, is this a challenge only community?

Absolutely not! We have a challenge every month to two months or so. Anyone is welcome to participate outside of that. The community has been a bit slow for a long time, so it only appears as if challenges are the only things that go on here.

I want to join LiveJournal, how do I do that?

First, you need to go to www.livejournal.com. In the ‘create a username’ box, choose what you want everyone at LiveJournal to know you by and then click the create a journal button. If that name is already taken, LiveJournal will tell you and prompt you to create a new one. After that, follow the steps.

All these account levels, what is the difference?!

LiveJournal has four account levels and each varies on the services they offer you. First there is Basic, Basic is the barebones of LiveJournal and is free. It offers you no ads once you are logged in, six userpics, a limited number of styles and ten links in your links list and twenty-five subscriptions for tracking comments or entries. No Scrapbook, Mobile or Voice posts or polls.

A plus account gives you more ads everywhere, 15 userpics, advanced search options, a broader selection of styles, the ability to make polls, thirty links in your links list, custom mood themes, same style comment pages, domain forwarding and text messaging. For a journal only, you’d have 1GB of scrapbook photo storage space, thirty mobile posts a month, five voice posts a month, access to TxtLJ and have more subscriptions than Basic.

A paid account is supposed to get rid of all ads, thirty user pics with the ability to purchase more, access to all styles, custom mood themes, polls, email forwarding, website embedding, see up to 100 recent comments, expand collapsed comment threads, access to your friends of friends list, filter entries by security level, notify weblogs.com of updates to your journal, access to 2GB of scrapbook storage space with the ability to purchase more, mobile post and voice post, access to the Directory of LiveJournal users, create new syndicated accounts, access to faster page loading times, add up to 2000 friends to your friends list, be able to change the security settings of multiple entries in your journal, ability to edit comments in your journal or another journal, access to TxtLJ and more subscriptions than both Plus and Basic.

Then there is a permanent account. In order to raise money, once or twice a year, LiveJournal sells a set number accounts for close to two hundred dollars that have all the features and services of a Paid account and never have to be paid for again. I think that there are even more userpics involved as well.

The standard account level when you create a journal is Plus.

I don’t need much and I like the sound of basic, how do I downgrade?

After creating your account, you need to go to manage accounts and the Downgrade to Basic Page.


If you have been using Plus, you will lose features doing this.

I have basic, does that mean I can’t make polls to the community?

The community is a plus account. So, if you have a basic account, only when you are posting the community will you have the ability to make a poll.

Are there any account options that I should be aware of?

At times, when LiveJournal offers new services, they give their users the option to ‘opt out’ of them. These options are now located in three different places.

On the Home Page go to the top menu bar under the Livejournal Strip, hover over the profile menu and click the setting link.

This will take you to the account options page. Choose the Display tab on the menu.


Here you can decide about whether or not you want to have the hover menu on user images. The hover menu allows a quick way to see a person’s name, a link to their profile and a link on whether or not to friend them. You can also choose whether or not you want the Getting Started Module on your LiveJournal homepage. The Getting Started Module offers tips and advice about using LiveJournal. The next three options have to deal with Adult Content. Here is where you decide whether or not your journal has enough mature content that you don’t feel comfortable with minors reading it. The adult concepts setting replaces your entries with a link that leads to another page to confirm whether or not an unlogged user is over the age of eighteen. The second line is what you want to be hidden under that link, nothing, the worst stuff or pretty much everything. The last line is whether or not you want your searching to be filtered by a set of words decided by LiveJournal. Moderate filters will only screen out things that are designated adult content. Strict filters will use the word list created by LiveJournal and the adult content designation.

The last option is whether or not you want to be included in the Cyrillic (Russian) services that are available on LiveJournal. Examples given in the FAQ are the My Guests statistics (now used throughout LiveJournal), the Lanzelot site scheme, intergration with leading Russian news sites and the ability to use the Yandex.Money payment system. Anyone who chooses to use the Cyrillic options can log in to livejournal.ru.

Save your options.

The next set of options is under the privacy tab under the My Account Settings header.


The first line is Default Entry Security. You need to decide on who you want to be able to read your journal at any point and time. The options are public {anyone,) friends (people on your friends list,) and private (just you.) For instance, Quite The Couple is a public community, anyone can come and read what goes on there. PrettyGothGirl is a friends only journal, to be able to read the entries of PrettyGothGirl, you would need to friend her and she would have to friend you back. If you decide to do a minimum security of Friends Only, you will not be able to post public entries in your journal unless you go back and change the security to public later. And all your entries to be posted into communities will default to Members Only and will have to be changed manually each time.

The second is Search Inclusion. This setting tells LiveJournal whether or not you want your journal to show up when people search for it. The third Comment Search Inclusion is the same idea. If you decide to minimize your inclusions in search, if someone uses the LiveJournal Search function, they won’t be able to see your journal.

The fourth line is Content Promotion. LiveJournal wants to know if you are all right with them using your public entries around LiveJournal.

The second to last line is Find by Email. This option allows users to be able to find you on LiveJournal by using your email address in search engines such as Google without you having to make your email public anywhere in your profile or otherwise. If you do have your email listed publicly in your profile, then other users can find you on Google anyways.

The last option on this page is My Guests. My Guests allows others to see who comes and reads your journal and what other journals and communities you or they visit. So say, I had My Guests turned on at Quite The Couple. It would be put somewhere, most likely in the profile, who has come to visit Quite The Couple and if Quite The Couple was a user, it show where Quite The Couple had visited.

Save your options.

Return to the top of the screen and the menu bar under the LiveJournal bar. Hover over the Profile Menu and click the Edit Profile selection.

Under the Identity section, there are two things you need to decide. In your birthday, who gets to see it (everybody, nobody, registered users or friends only, and how much of your birthday do they get to see, none of it, all of it, the month and the day or only the year. And then your schools, whether or not to include what schools you have been to and who to show them to. (Nobody, Everybody, or Friends Only.)


Scroll down to the location section. During the creation process, you most likely had to fill out your location. Next to the Location header is a drop down menu to let you decide who sees your location. (Nobody, Everybody, Friends only, Registered Users)

Under the Location section is the Contact Info section. Here you need to decide who can view your contact information (same as above), whether or not to show your primary email address, once again, the Find by Email setting and who you want to receive messages from in your inbox. (Registered Users, Friends Only, Mutual Friends Only or Nobody)


Save your settings.

Return to the menu bar under the LiveJournal bar and hover over the Journal Menu and click the Journal Style option.

This will take you to the page where you can select your Journal theme. To the left of the page is a blue box that says “your name’s Current Theme” In that box there is a more options box with a link that says Customize your theme. Click on that link.

This takes you to another page, which allows you to select your Mood Theme, Navigation Strip and Presentation options. Scroll down to the Navigation Strip. The Navigation Stip is a colored strip at the top of the page that says where you are, whether or not you are a friend or a member of where you are visiting, if not, it allows you to friend them or join the community and also offers the option of logging in and logging out.

A Navigation Strip

In the journal settings you can decide on whether or not you want to see this strip on your journal or community, on everyone else’s journal and community and what color it is.

Save your settings.

Most of these options are about how much you want other people to know about your LiveJournal experience, who you are, where you and where you’ve been. It all depends on how comfortable you are with other people knowing your movements about the internet.

There is one more service that LiveJournal has that they do not give you the option of turning off. Snaps.com. Snaps.com is a website service that allows people to see an image of the website destination when they hover over a link. Unfortunately the only way to turn off turn off the snaps.com hover images over links is by using an ad blocker. Using an ad blocker will also clear out many of the advertising images that LiveJournal uses as well.

Should I introduce myself in a separate post before participating in other ways?

If you want to! Creating a small introduction post to the community is a great way to test the waters of the community. It’s not a requirement. You don’t have to introduce yourself. You can just jump right in and offer content. It’s all up to you.

How do I post here at the community?

After you log in to your LiveJournal account, go to the menu bar under the large LiveJournal bar. Hover on the menu that says Journal and the first selection under Journal will be Post an Entry.

Click on Post an Entry. It will take you to the update.bml page. Under the Post An Entry header, there will be a section that has an icon, Post As: yourname, Post Two: drop down menu, Date and Userpic: Drop Down Menu. In the Post To section drop down menu, you need to select the arrow and then click on quitethecouple so your post will end up in the community. Once you have finished adding content into the text box on the Update page, scroll down and hit the Post to quitethecouple button.

You may also reach the update.bml page from the link bar above the Profile, Journal etc. bar or from your profile in the blue box on the right hand side on the link that says "Post Entry."

What’s the difference between Rich Text and HTML?

The major difference between Rich Text and HTML is how the formatting of your post is done. In Rich Text, there is a menu bar on the top of your text box that allows you to select text in your post and push a button to format whether or not it will be italicized, indented, a link, behind a link, and so on. In HTML, the user needs to know the html code or the lj-code to do the same thing.

The Rich Text Tool Bar

Is one better than the other?

That depends on how much HTML you know. If you use a lot of italics and underlines and bolds in your text, them maybe the ability to select your text and push a button is better for you. Or perhaps you do know the html code and want the code of your entries to be cleaner than what Rich Text is if you switch between Rich Text and HTML. It all depends on you and your comfort level.

What HTML tags are usable in LiveJournal?

Link tags, image tags, most font tags, hard rule tags and embed tags are usable in LiveJournal.

Does LiveJournal have their own special tags?

They have three special tags of their own: LJ –cut, which hides journal entries behind a link, LJ-poll, which creates LiveJournal polls and LJ-embed, which embeds content such as videos into the posts.

Is there any other information I should post with my stories or fan art other than the title?

You should post all the information you would like to see when searching for a story or piece of fan art. In the profile we ask that when you post fan fiction to include the title, series (if applicable), challenge(if applicable), a rating, warnings and a summary. If you’re posting art we ask that you if you titled the work, you include it, a rating and any warnings. You may either copy from the profile or use this handy dandy text box and copy from there.

Everyone else is using links to hide their stories behind. What are they and how do I make one?

What you are seeing is called a LJ-cut. There are two ways to make an LJ-cut and that depends on how you are posting your work. Are you using the HTML tab or the Rich Text tab?

To make an LJ-cut in HTML is simple. First you decide where you want the cut, then you type in <lj-cut>, lastly you decide where you want the cut to end and type in </lj-cut> This is just like any normal HTML tag as you should open it and close it. The default text for an LJ-cut reads “Read More.” To change the type in HTML you type in <lj-cut text=”I want my cut to say this.”> and close the tag in the normal way with </lj-cut>

To make an LJ-cut in Rich Text is slightly more difficult. First, you decide where you want to start the cut. From that place, select ALL the text you want behind the link. Once you have all the type selected, click the LJ-cut button in the text box menu bar. A pop up window will appear and ask you what you want your lj-cut text to read. The default is once again, Read More.

Type in the new text, select okay and you have created an LJ-cut. Remember, the key to creating a proper LJ-cut in Rich Text is to select ALL your text BEFORE clicking the LJ-cut button.

I messed up, how do I edit my post?

At the top of your post in Quite The Couple, under the Recent Entries Menu, and above the subject title, there is a list of links that says, Previous, Edit, Tag, Memories, Share This, Track and Next. Click on the Edit link.

In a community or journal without the same style, there will be a bar of Icons. An arrow to the left, a heart, a pencil, a tag, a thumb tack and an arrow to the right. To edit your entry, click on the pencil icon.

Both of these will bring you back to the update page. From there, you can fix your entry and then scroll down and save the entry.

I don’t want my post to be here anymore, how do I delete it?

Once again, go to the edit section of your Livejournal post either through the link or the pencil icon at the top of the page. Click on it. This will take you back to the update page, scroll down to the bottom and next to the save entry button, there is a delete entry button. Click on the Delete Entry button and your journal entry will be erased.

Your polls are neat. I want to make one. How would I do that?

If you have a paid or plus account and are using Rich Text, you can click directly onto the poll button to create a poll. However, if you are using a basic account, no matter if you are using HTML or Rich Text, you need to go to the list of links titled “More Ways to Post,” over the HTML and Rich Text tabs, across from the Post As section and click on the bottom link titled “Create a Poll.”

If you have a basic account LiveJournal will prompt you to switch your Post To. Select Quite The Couple and click the switch button. From there, follow the instructions to create a poll, by deciding who can view the poll and who can vote in the poll and give it a poll name.

Then insert poll questions by going to the bottom drop down menu and selecting if it will be a check box question (meaning the people who take it can give more than one answer), a radio button question (they can only give one answer), a drop down box (select once answer from a variety of answers), a text box (give your own answer) or a scale (rate on # to # by rate of #).

Once you’ve finished your questions, you can start over, see the code or preview the poll. Once you preview the poll you can decide whether or not you want to use it. You can then edit the poll, see the code or post the poll. When you post the poll, the poll code will be entered into the update text box. If you have more things to add to the entry, add them before or after the poll code. Please remember to tag the entry as activity. Then post your entry to quitethecouple.

Congratulations, you’ve created a poll!

I have a picture I want to share, how do I insert it?

In the HTML, you would use the html tag <img src=”hyperlink of image”>. In order to change the size of your image you would add after <img src=”hyperlink of image” width=”px or %”>.

Overall your tag would look like this:

<img src=http://www.imagelink.com/image.jpg width=”100”>


<img src=http://www.imagelink.com/image.jpg width=”50%”>

OR you can use the insert image link on top of the text box. A pop up box would appear and you could insert an image from off site, if you have a plus or paid account, from your scrapbook or on the next tab, directly choose from your photobucket account.

Once you’ve chosen your link or image from PhotoBucket, select okay and it will create the proper html code for you.

In Real Text, you choose where you want the image and then click the image button on the top menu bar. A far more complicated pop up box than HTML will appear in the middle of your screen. The first tab gives you the option of pasting it from a URL outside of livejournal, inserting alternative text for people who won’t be able to see the picture, width, height, border, how much space you want around it and where you want the picture aligned.

The second tab is a simple insert the link from an outside source tab.

The third tab allows you to upload the image from your scrapbook if you have a plus or paid account.

And the fourth tab allows you to log in and select your image directly from PhotoBucket.

Once you’ve finished with the pop up box, select okay and it will insert the image into your text box.

There’s this awesome video on YouTube, how would I embed it into my post?

If you are using HTML there are two ways to embed media into your post. You may copy and paste the embed media code provided by YouTube directly into your entry. Or, you may click on the Embed Media link on the upper right hand side of the text box and paste the code provided by the other website into the pop up box and click okay.

In Rich Text, you need to click on the Embed Media icon. A pop up box will appear. In the text box, paste the embed code from the other site and click okay.

The video or other object will not be embedded until you post your entry, so if it doesn’t appear when you preview your post, don’t worry! That’s perfectly normal.

There’s someplace else I want you to go on the net, how do I make a link to another website?

In HTML you would have to use the hyperlink HTML codes to create a link. Hyperlink codes are <a href=http://www.yourwebsitehere.com>your text here</a>. If you wanted your link bolded or italicized or not underlined, you would have to use those HTML codes to make it so. The same goes if you wanted the link targeted in a new window or tab.

In Rich Text, you can use the insert/edit link button in the text box tool bar. If you have text that you would like to create a link on, type the text, then select the text and then click on the create link button. A pop up window will appear.

Here you can paste the link minus the http:// protocol and decide if it is a URL, anchored to the text or an email link. The other two tabs, include Target options (if you want the link to open in another window or a new tab for instance) and advanced link options. I don’t really know those options.

What’s the difference between a public and a member’s only post?

The major difference between the two post settings is who can see it. Everyone can see a public post, people who aren’t users of LiveJournal, all registered users of LiveJournal and all users of LiveJournal that are members of the community. There is no privacy in a public post and is in effect, like posting your story to fanfiction.net. Anyone who wants to can see it.

In a member’s only post, only the registered users of LiveJournal who are members of the community can see the post. This restricts the content of the post down to a select group of people who it is targeted for.

We don’t have any member’s only posts on Quite The Couple. They just have never come up. Whether or not you would want to use the member’s only setting is up to you and would definitely depend on the content of your post and your life situation.

What’s Adult Content?

Adult Content is LiveJournal’s way of trying to protect minors from seeing things they should not see. It’s a method that LiveJournal hopes will not make them legally liable for any of the content on their site, despite the fact that their Terms of Service that everyone agrees to already says that they are not legally liable for the content on their site. Anyways, Adult Content is an extra layer of redundancy that LiveJournal hopes will keep minors from being hurt by accidentally reading something they shouldn’t.

So, what exactly is Adult Content? Well, you can think of Adult content as anything you would find in a PG-13 or higher movie; swearing, explicit violence (over cartoonish violence), explicit sex, rape, drug use, and all the other warnings you get on R rated movies.

How does the Adult Content setting work?

There are two settings of Adult Content. Adult Content and Explicit Adult Content. You can consider Adult Content to be equivalent to a PG-13 movie and Explicit Adult Content is an R rated movie and upwards. In the bottom right corner of the update page is a drop down box that reads “Adult Content.” You can select whether or not your post has no Adult Content, Adult Content or Explicit Adult Content.


When you select an Adult content rating, two things happen for those who are under 14, under 18 and/or those that aren’t logged in. First, your entire post is hidden behind a LJ-cut. One says, may be inappropriate for minors and the other says may only be appropriate for adults.

Secondly, when you click this link it will take you to another page where you have to certify that you are older than 14 for adult content or older than 18 for explicit adult content. Once you certify, you will be able to see the entire post and LiveJournal will remember your certification for as long as you stay on LiveJournal for that session. If you close your browser and come back, you will have to certify all over again.



Do I need to use the Adult Content setting if I post such things here?

Once again, if you use it at Quite The Couple is up to you. I personally, do not find the need for the Adult Content setting for a few simple reasons, One, unless someone is logged in, they aren’t going to know what the post is about at all other than the subject title. Two, as long as there is a clear rating and a clear warning on your story, it does the exact same thing as the Adult Content setting as the rest of your post is already behind a LJ-cut.

Your opinion may differ and if you want that extra security, go ahead.

What is a tag?

A tag is like a category. It’s a small link that goes on your entry that tells in long or in short what the entry is about. And when someone clicks on that link, it opens a page that has all the posts made with the same link. At Quite The Couple we have a small list of tags that we use to categorize our entries so users can find what they want to see faster.

At Quite the Couple we use the tags activity (discussions, polls), amv (music videos), art, challenge, fic, icons, recs (recommendations) and request.

How do I make a tag?

Between the text box and the bottom drop down boxes of the update page, there is a line for tags. You type the name of the tag you want to create or use there. If you have already used that tag before as you type it will automatically appear in the box. You can use up to five tags on your posts.

What is a comment?

A comment is just that, a comment. It is your way to respond to a person’s post to leave a critique, compliment them or just start a conversation.

How do I comment?

At the bottom of almost every post on LiveJournal, there is a link that says “Leave A Comment” or something similar (as people can change the text of their comment links).


When you click that link, a text box will open that will allow you to type a response to the post, choose an icon, quote someone else, preview what you you’ve written and allow you to check your spelling. Once you’ve finished with your comment, click post comment!

A Comment Box

Someone replied to my post/comment, how do I reply back?

On the bottom of their comment are three links, one says reply, one says thread and the other says link.

To reply to their comment, click on the reply link. The thread link will open up all the replies under that comment and the link gives you the link of that specific comment. Hitting the reply link will once again open a comment box, but this one is under the previous comment. It has all the same options, once you are finished with your reply, click post comment.

It says that the user is logging my IP address, what does that mean?

When a user or a community is logging your IP address it means that it is posting your IP address next to your name for the maintainer to see. That way in case the maintainer ever has a problem with a user they know the IP address of the user. That way they can block that user or if the user comes back under another LJ ID, they can block the IP address.

It says “replies frozen,” what does that mean?

When the replies are frozen on a comment that means that no one can reply to that comment anymore. The conversation has ended. This can happen if the conversation has gotten out of control with flaming and insults and the maintainer wants to be sure that no one can continue angering each other in public.

I messed up on my comment, how do I edit it?

If you are a paid user, and no one has replied to your comment, there will be an edit link in the comment box. If you click on the edit link, you can fix your comment.

Oh, I’m not a paid member, how do I delete it then?

In the comment box, there are four icons, a red X, a eye with a slash through it, an ice cube, and a thumb tack. If you click on the red X, it will delete your comment.

You mentioned invisible comments before? What is an invisible comment?

An invisible comment is a comment that only the user who created it and the maintainer/journal owner can see. LiveJournal calls these private type comments screened comments.

How do I make my comments invisible?

If you are the creator of the post, you can edit your post to make all comments on it screened. Under the text box, on the far right the second drop down box allows you to change who will have their comments screened and who won’t. The top option is Journal Default, and so whatever the community or journal setting in the Account options is will be what LiveJournal does automatically.


However, if you would like to screen your individual comment on another person’s post you would have to do so manually. In the comment box, under the comment itself are four icons, a red X, an eye with a slash through it, an ice cube and a thumb tack.

The eye with a slash through it is the icon that says your comment is visible to everyone. If you click on the eye icon, the comment box will change color and the slash over the eye will disappear indicating that the comment is now private.

Okay, now that it is invisible, how do I make it visible again?

To make the comment visible again, you click the eye button again, the comment box will return to its original color and everyone will be able to read it again.

Hey! Someone replied to my invisible comment and now everyone can see it! Now what?

Unfortunately, this is an automatic LiveJournal function. Once someone replies to your screened comment it is no longer private. If you would like to return it and the reply to a private comment, you would need to manually go back and click the eye buttons on both comments.

What does disabling comments on my post do?

Disabling comments on a post doesn’t allow anyone to reply to that post. If you had people replying to it already and you disable comments, the comments already created will still be there. Just no one can add to them.


What is a memory?

A memory is a way for you to be able to save a post you like as a link so that you can find it again quickly. Memories can be public, friends only or private. They can be categorized and if you are the maintainer of a community, you can make them for the community as well.

How do I make a memory?

At the top of the post page, there are several links, previous, edit, tag, memories, share this, track and next.

Or there will be an icon bar with an arrow to the left, a heart, a pencil, a thumb tack and an arrow to the right.

You will need to click either the memories link or the heart. This will take to you the Add Memorable Entries Page.


Here you can create a description. The automatic description is the date and the subject title of the post. And underneath it you can create or reuse key words you’ve already used and then decide the security settings of the memory.

What’s this memory archive you were talking about?

The Quite The Couple Memory Archive is where the maintainer categorizes all the entries of the community into what type of entry they are (fiction, art etc), who made them and a year category (fiction by 2009 for instance).

Can I help you with that?

The best way for you as a member to help me with the memory archive is to put the title of your stories in the subject of your post. When I go and update the memory archive, I don’t change the default description because I often have a lot of posts to go through at once and I am often tagging them at the same time as well. Far too often, stories don’t have their title in the subject bar and I know that no one will be able to find them in the memories unless they know the approximate date the story was posted.

Otherwise, if you would like to help with the archive, you would need to become a maintainer.

I have my own community that relates to Quite the Couple (same game, a similar pairing, same pairing, etc) how do I affiliate?

Either comment at this post or contact the maintainer. And they will add you to the bottom of the profile page and over in the links list.

I want to request a story, is there a place for that?

Yep. If you go to this post and you can leave your story request as a comment. A notification will come to my inbox and I’ll alert the community at the first possible opportunity and there may be others who track that post too.

What is the birthday post about?

The Birthday post is a way for you to hopefully get some Rikku/Gippal cheer as a gift. Someone may write a story for you or create a piece of art or if they have something already prepared they may dedicate it to you on your birthday. Go to this post and comment with your birthday to be added.

I see these tags for Best of 2007 – 2009, what is Best of?

‘Best of’ stands for The Best of Rikku/Gippal Awards. Quite The Couple hosts these awards once a year as a way to acknowledge those who have given us something memorable from the year before. If you are new to the pairing, ‘Best of’ nominations and winners may be a good way to get recommendation on what to read.

How would I help with that?

By reading and nominating and voting! Through out the year it would help if you read Rikku/Gippal stories here or at fanfiction.net or wherever you find them or look at art at deviantart or photobucket or wherever you find it and then remembering it by memory-ing it if it’s at LiveJournal or saving links to a word document. Then in January, the nomination posts goes up and you can help widen the field by nominating those you feel deserve some extra recognition. You can further help out by voting when the vote post is opened to help ensure that the best one hopefully wins.

Otherwise, if you have Photobucket or a image software program, prettygothgirl is always willing to look at submissions for awards banners. Check out previous years banners to see what has been done before and for sizes.

I have a layout I’d like to see at the community, whom do I talk to?

You can contact a maintainer or leave a comment at this post. The current maintainer is prettygothgirl.

What I’m looking for isn’t here, or I have a suggestion, who should I contact?

Well, perhaps what you need is at the LJ-Faq. If you still can’t find out what you need, you can either comment at this post or contact the maintainer, prettygothgirl through email, the LiveJournal Private Messaging System or an instant messaging service (AIM: pggginsters, Yahoo: pretty_gothgirl). If you have a suggestion, feel free to comment at this post or once again contact prettygothgirl.

What is the LiveJournal private messaging system?

The LiveJournal private messaging system is just like a forum private message system. It’s a way for registered users to contact each other in an email like format behind the scenes.

How do I use it?

There are four ways to get to the inbox. The first is at the top upper left corner of the screen in the large livejournal bar under your username. There is a list of links that says Post, Messages, Friends Page, Invite and Mobile. To get to your inbox click, Messages. Or you may go to the menu bar underneath the LiveJournal bar and hover over Profile, the first option under Profile is Inbox.

You can go directly to the users profile page and on the right hand side of the screen there is a blue box that has things such as Friend, Add Note, Track User, Send Message, Send V-Gift. To send this user a message, click on the Send Message link.

Lastly, hover your mouse over the user’s icon. A hover menu will appear and one of the options of that hover menu is ‘Send Message.’ This will also take you to your inbox.

If you haven’t come directly from the users profile page or the icon hover menu, you need to click on the left side of the screen under the inbox header the button that says “New Message.”


A large text box will replace your message list on the right hand side of the screen. In the To: section you should put the username of the person you desire to send the message to. Then you may select a user pic, create a subject title and then type your message in the large text box. Once done, click send at the bottom of the text box and you have sent a LiveJournal Private Message.


In order to reply to a message someone sends you, at the bottom of the message, there will be three links Reply, Add as Friend and Mark as Spam. To reply to the message, hit the reply link and it will take you back to the large text page. If you have marked the message as read and didn’t reply to it yet and come back to find it compressed, don’t panic! Simply, mark the message as unread and then either refresh the page or click the messages link on the left hand tool bar. This will uncompress the message so that you can read and reply to it as you need to.

I want to invite someone to Quite The Couple? Can I do that?

Of course you may! We are always happy to have new members. Unfortunately though, unless you are a maintainer of the community, you won’t be able to use the official LiveJournal invite function. So, you’ll have to invite them through email, instant messaging or say if they are a member of fanfiction.net, you can invite them through their private messaging system.

On second thought, I’ve decided this place isn’t for me, how do I leave?

I’m sorry to hear that. If you want to leave, the easiest way is to go to the community profile page and on the right hand side there is a blue box that has the option to ‘leave community.’


If you click that, you will have defriended the community. You can also defriend the community from the Add or Remove section under the Friends menu.

All right, I want to become a maintainer, what are you looking for and what do I need to know?

Being a maintainer is hard work and almost no one loves you for it. Firstly, you need to ask yourself if you really love Rikku and Gippal that much. Because being a maintainer is not a one or two year job. It takes dedication and commitment to the long haul. If you’d like to be maintainer, I would like you to have a good working knowledge of LiveJournal, know how to do everything I mentioned in this FAQ already and how to change the journal style, ban and unban users, invite members and so on. Personality wise, I’d like someone who is forthright and sticks by their word. And lastly, I’d like someone who is around at least once a day five days out of the week. That way if something comes up, I know that there will be a way to get a hold of you within twenty-four hours.

How do I contact the maintainer again?

You can contact the maintainer, prettygothgirl, through her email, the LiveJournal Private Messaging System, or through AOL Instant Messenger (pggginsters), or Yahoo Instant Messenger (pretty_gothgirl).

I think I’ve got it all, thanks a lot!

You’re welcome. Good Luck! And long live Rikku and Gippal!
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Thank you! I spent a lot of time one it. Even I learned a few things that LJ is doing as they update and change stuff. Things that do not make me a happy camper personally. Like once your journal is set friends only in the security levels, you can't make public posts. Ewww.

LOL Yeah, when I did that I was thinking about couple tropes and you know, most of them are TVTropes. o_o I feel bad but they fit them so well.

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