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03 June 2012 @ 02:41 pm
Hey Gals (and any guys),

It's come to my attention that FanFiction.net is doing a mostly bot driven purge of the archive. So far it appears they are going after stories with curse words in their summaries and in their titles. They also appear to be targeting to a smaller degree stories against their TOS, such as MA (NC-17) content, song-fics, script format and choose your own stories with polls and such in them. There are also stories about them deleting stories that they feel are inappropriately rated.

There was/is no warning given before stories are deleted. Nor was there any announcement that a purge was going to happen on their front page. This started on Tuesday, May 29th.

I say that this is mostly bot driven because there are a few groups of people at ff.net that are actively going around and reporting stories that don't fit, in their opinion, a well written piece of work. They aren't being at least bit shy about it and they have their own forum sections on ff.net. The second problem is with them trying to delete the MA (NC-17) content, human bias comes, as always, into play. What one person feels might rate a MA (NC-17) rating doesn't mean another person views it in the same way. And let's be fair here, the ratings guide at ff.net isn't the most specific thing in the world. I'd much rather use the Movie Ratings guide because they have clear rules.

If your story gets deleted. Don't Panic. There is recourse. For instance, if your bot email says that it was deleted because of a swear word in the title or summary, or they felt it was the wrong rating. Request clarification in your email subject, ask for the story to be reinstated if it is something minor and ask specific examples if it isn't and for a real person to get back to you. I'm getting the feeling from some of the back and forth I've seen going on about this with FF.net mods, the more polite and respectful you are and the more you avoid whining or words like naughty and racy, the better chance you'll get of getting your story reinstated and to be able to fix whatever is wrong.

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Personally, I'm keeping my head down and I'm sitting on the wait and see bandwagon and I have a least three stories at risk.